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       Marist Alumni has grown out of the August 15, 1944 cooperative initiative by representatives of 11 Marist Brothers schools in Australia, who came together to form a Federation. The first meeting of delegates was held on September 19, 1944. A provisional executive consisting of the President, T. A. Herbert (Darlinghurst); Vice-President, J. G. Stephenson (Kogarah) and Hon. Secretary, J. T. Byrne (Nth. Sydney) was appointed and these officers together with Messrs. J. P. Vale (St. Joseph's College) and R. K. O'Sullivan (Randwick) were commissioned to prepare a draft constitution to submit to a general meeting of the Federation. One year later, the Federation was fully-functional. It continued into the post-war era with an agenda to encourage the formation of Old Boys' Unions at each of the Marist Brothers' schools with a view to promoting the exchange of ideas on moral and social issues confronting Christianity.

Today's world

The primary focus of Marist Alumni in today's world is promulgate the Word of Christ through love. In the face of terrorism on a global scale, we still seek to demonstrate that our focus is to promote love among humankind, across all cultures.

In pursuit of that ideal, Marist Solidarity and Marist Alumni are supporting "The Children's Manifesto" (TCM), a statement of rights by children, for children.

The 2021 vigil for TCM commenced with KuyaCenter in the Philippines, following on from Marist Solidarity students of Marist College Canberra on October 20th, 2020, Australia's International Children's Day. It continues from Universal Children's Day on November 20th, 2021 with other students waiting to carry the message around the world in 12 languages, across many nations.

The youngest generation, Gen3M, continue to do a magnificent job, leading the way with interpretations in different languages, across diverse cultures. In the face of a global pandemic, they continue to demonstrate the essence of solidarity. Their spirit shall be their legacy as an inspiration to subsequent generations.

Marist communications, Marscom Television, continues to document the progress of this wave of unifying commitment across humankind, into this third decade of the 3rd. Millennium.

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